#36 Publish yo’self

As printing huge quantities of reports and other material starts to make less sense, the option to do tiny print runs (e.g. one!) and embed the option for people to order and pay for hard copies makes more sense. Here are some of the best self-publishing and print-on-demand sites:

  1. HP Mag Cloud –http://www.magcloud.com/ – review from Professionally Speaking here
  2. SmashWords – http://www.smashwords.com/ – review from Tom Andry here
  3. Issuu – http://issuu.com/ – Review from Devan Goldstein here
  4. Blurb – http://www.blurb.co.uk/
  5. Lulu – http://www.lulu.com/
  6. Print on demand worldwide – http://www.printondemand-worldwide.com/